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#BLMcareers Thessaloniki The Church of Saint Demetrius, - 9 Crystal Skull Alien of Akator Hey!  Give me the map! Harad Hedjaz Railway Bridge 2 Van Citadel Tell Bismaya (38SNA612860) Tell Bismaya (38SNA612860) Tell Bismaya (38SNA612860) Tell Bismaya (38SNA612860) Tell al-Jela'a (38SNA568841) Tulul Abu Fatas? (38RNA640375) Vasija El Dorado My Public Lands Roadtrip: Cedar Mesa in Utah Kerak Latin funerary inscription for Lucius Caecilius Fronto, dead in Rome at age 25, by his stepmother Caecilia Caeciliana (detail) Altar with Latin dedication to the Genius Ulpius by L. Fabius Flaccus, from Sidi Moussa Bou Fri (detail) Latin dedication to L. Pompeius Antonianus by his brother L. Pompeius Manlianus Volubilis, looking WNW from the top of the tumulus Volubilis: Bacchus & Ariadne mosaic, House of the Horseman, 3 Volubilis: arches of the basilica IMG_1473 n164_w1150 Southern Jordan Mountain Ranges Southern Jordan Mountain Ranges Kh. Khilāl Roman quarry at Karagöl (Teos), Turkey (25) Roman mosaic 38RNA110400
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