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A flat cap and a pint of scrumpy.

A flat cap and a pint of scrumpy.

What’s special about Devon / West Country cider?

In the UK there are two traditional ways to make cider - the West Country way and the eastern Kent and East Anglia way. The West Country tradition involves using a much higher percentage of true cider apples which are richer in tannins and sharper in flavour. Devon has near perfect conditions for apple-growing and as a result has many farms with an abundance of ancient varieties of specialist cider-apples. Production within Devon is often on a very small scale so comes with a handmade touch and attention to detail not always seen on bigger operations. These traditional methods involve nearly 100% juice, unlike mass-produced methods. Cloudy, unfiltered ciders made in Devon and also the West Country as a whole are often called "scrumpy".

Strong enough to make your teeth itch.

The Skimmity Hitchers singing about cider:




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Photo taken @ Knightshayes on 28 July 2018 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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