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2019_08-22zzc 2019_08-22zzd 2019_08-22zze 2019_08-22zzf 2019_08-22zzg 2019_08-22zzza 2019_08-22zzzb 2019_08-22zzzc 2019_08-22zzzd 2019_08-22zzze 2019_08-22zzzf 2019_08-22zzzzk 2019_08-22zzzzl 2019_08-22zzzzm Kleines Mädchen isst Äpfel A little girl collecting apples from the concrete A little girl grasping for the apples The Apple Cider Press Fresh Summer Fruits in Dish 2019_07-22h 2019_07-22i 2019_07-22o 2019_07-22r 2019_07-22x Kiyokawa Family Orchards 2019_07-22j 2019_07-22k 2019_07-22l 2019_07-22t 2019_07-22y
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 fruit, red, apple, green, food, autumn, fall, tree, orchard, oranges
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