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View into the church ship of the basilica St. Lorenz

Lacy Fairy Tale 1642 B

Bei Bei (I'm ready for my inside treats! Say what? I have to wait. I climb my tree and supervise so you get my apartment ready fast. Time's up! Yup this is the life!) 2018-09-19 at 9.05.43–10.17.23 AM

View into the tower of the basilica St. Lorenz

The castle ruin Eisenberg


The Golden Room in Augsburg

On the Augsburg market square


Hollandse IJssel, Hooglandse Jaagpad, Nieuwegein, Netherlands - 2784

The minimalistic church altar

Are You the Girl From That Richard Thompson Song?

2018.09.05_248/365 - apples

Soon it'll be time again

Museum the Bavarian Kings Staircase


Hotspot Neuschwanstein Castle

The Alatsee mountain lake

The High Castle of Füssen

Statue of William and Walther Tell

Today's Cat@2018-08-16

Time Square Sunset (NYC-USA)

New-York Jeu d'ombre (NYC-USA)

The Castle Neuschwanstein

Ridderzaal, Binnenhof, Den Haag, Netherlands - 1583

The Weissensee lake near the city of Füssen - Part 1-2

Picking Apples

Apple Picker

Galveston Island, TX

Soaring Club of Houston, Waller, TX

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