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A Forest Growing in Cedar Sink (Mammoth Cave National Park) I Am Undertaking a Path That Leads Me Onward... (Mammoth Cave National Park) Kentucky Hillsides Endowed with a Forest of Greens and Yellows (Mammoth Cave National Park) And Thus Did I Declare Amongst the Mountains...Hallelujah! Saturday Drive (1) Saturday Drive (3) I Had a Chance to Touch the Waters and Ponder of Their Journey The Waters Fell from a Mountain and Continue Their Journey to a Far Off Land A Loud Roar Could Be Discerned By Many That Day I Was in Solitude Even as I Walked Amongst the Tall Trees (Appalachian National Scenic Trail) Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace (paint filter) One Can't Buy Love, But One Can Walk out into Nature and See the Earth's Beauty (Analog Efex Pro 2, Mammoth Cave National Park) I Met Another on the Road, And We Both Enjoyed the Forest (Mammoth Cave National Park) Blue Ridge Mountains (paint filter) Blue Ridge Mountains sunset (paint filter) A Portrait Orientation to Historic Entrance and Rain-Fed Waters (Mammoth Cave National Park) A Portrait Orientation of Trees Above and Around Me (Mammoth Cave National Park) Small Town Roads of Kentucky Saturday Drive (2) The Other Jersey Shore Mist In The Valley Mist In The Valley Susquehanna River Blue Ridge Mountains sunset (paint filter) Blue Ridge Mountains sunset (paint filter) Winter Sunset Winter Sunset Limestone Cliffs Along a Sinkhole Area While Walking the Turnhole Bend Nature Trail The Setting Sun The Setting Sun
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