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Junge Impalas / Impala Calfs Who's there? Warning sign for Antelopes at night, South Africa Merycodus warreni (ancient pronghorn antelope) (Valentine Formation, Miocene; quarry next to the Niobrara River, Cherry County, Nebraska, USA) 2 Merycodus furcatus fossil mammal antlers (Pliocene, Nebraska, USA) Waterbuck and Bontebok fighting Bongo antelope Norfolk Virginia Zoo IMG_6890_SC_copy IMG_3216_SC_copy Retreating impala Viewing impalas Two watchful impalas Alert impala Viewing impalas from a safari jeep Waiting impala Alert puku Puku grazes near trees Grazing puku Alert waterbuck Young waterbucks Watching impalas graze Young impala sniffs the ground A waterbuck in long grass. A male waterbuck stands alert. A young waterbuck. A herd of Uganda kob in long grass. A Thomson's gazelle scours the landscape on the crater floor A pair of Thomson's gazelles grazing in an area of burned ground. Two Thomson's gazelles grazing the crater floor A Thomson's gazelle alert to its predators
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