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The beaver and golden yellow light.

Shedding Mountain Goats



C’mon, quick, dig up here !

New Haircut …

The gull on the deadwood.

Happy Canada Day!

Lizard's Blend Mode

"Church" Impersonation


Mr. Muscle


Great Blue Heron

Horses at White Sands National Monument

Mother Mallard And Her Ducklings

Horses at White Sands National Monument


The Wild Center - Tupper Lake - New York - The Eagle Nest - Adirondack Mountains

The wolverine in the wilderness

The Lioness

One of my cheerful little helpers …

Happy midsummer...


Catching Breakfast

"All Shook Up"

A prince to be?


Denver Bison

Lesser Earless Lizard (Holbrookia maculata - Common Lesser Earless)

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