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West Country Swagger Female Wood Duck _DSC9715AL Eastern Grey Squirrels in Loose Park (Kansas City, Missouri) - July 31st & August 3rd, 2019 You Dropped A Bomb On Me I Fight Authority Deux Just landed The hungry beaver in wilderness. 47/366/4064 (July 28, 2019) - White Squirrels Near the Olney Public Library in Olney, Illinois - July 27th, 2019 Noah Bird Watching Caught in the Act! Lupine And Chipmunk My Very First Great Blue Heron! Lounging Wildebeest, Amboseli Warts and all My Lucky Log! Double-crested Cormorant Il est pourtant féroce. _DSC9646L _DSC9647L DRA101127_083A Across the Prairie A Formidable Night Predator The beaver  and golden yellow light. Shedding Mountain Goats Meadowlark Just a rat with a cuter outfit …
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