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Daiko Ziege Rocket Japanese White-Eye and Plum Blossom : 梅にメジロ Hammerhead Shark of Tokyo Sea Life Park : シュモクザメ(葛西臨海水族園) Madeira Butterfly Ziege Say hello to my little friend Cormorant Quartet Sunset Wrasse, terminal phase - Thalassoma lutescens Oooh, this feels sooo good! Regal Angelfish with abnormal color pattern - Pygoplites diacanthus Marginate Dascyllus - Dascyllus marginatus Yellow-tailed Dascyllus, juvenile - Dascyllus flavicauda Force de vie... Life Force... #Darktable #FujiX-S1 Sand Shrimpgoby, dark eyes form portrait- Ctenogobiops feroculus Sweet Pea Ptenothrix sp.3 principal form Collage (2mm) King Edward VII and his young seagull. Black cat 🐱 Guinea Pig of Nogeyama Zoo : モルモット : モルモット(野毛山動物園) 223/365/3145 (January 20, 2017) - Wet Squirrels in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan (January 20, 2017) Are you being watched? Trashline Orbweavers Cyclosa conica 212/365/3134 (January 9, 2017) - Squirrels in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan (January 9, 2017) Le patron... The boss... #Darktable #FujiX-S1 crocodile Allen's Hummingbird Black Headed Ibis! The Blue Jay Hop
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