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The last attempt to ride a barrel Over the waterfall The Bride's Mantle Cascada Manto de la Novia Chile - Santiago - Cerro San Cristobal - Costanera Center Renault Koleos AWD 2018 cerro el plomo andean condor Andean landscape, Moray Salineras de Maras The killer in countless murder mysteries Canelazos and Boca Jr. Beauty that can stop your heart In the mist of some sweet afternoon Mist over the Volcano - You can't step in the same river twice When the great big river meets the little river Follow the drinking gourd Waiting just around the river bend It's the same old story with a different name Rio Pastaza Gonna ride across the river deep and wide Paisaje, Valle Sagrado Andean landscape, Moray Termas Papallacta Hotel Spa And the sun will glow Melting all the snow Aeonium Sleeps all night and he works all day With a garland of freshly cut tears There are not many things in life You can be sure of The Stories That Come From The Bottom of A Bottle
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