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Laguna Querococha, Ancash, Peru A mirror of life Rainforest Hummingbirds 3 An itchy Collared Inca Masked Flowerpiercer Buff-tailed Coronet Hummingbirds 6 Flowers 1 Sword-billed Hummingbird Trout Welcome to Donde Ivan Sopa Old Map of Baños Slow Mo Cascada Manto de la Novia I can zoom around, 'Way up off the ground I'm flying. Just a sigh just a sigh Cable Operator Hauling in another one Manning the Zip Line La Hueca Del Gato If I could have my way I'd stay forever Look at the waterfall OMG! A Dog! I've never seen one before. Canopy I see them wavin' the flag Tell the boat over here man we wavin' the flag Pretty soon we'll all be tumblin' like a barrel Thrown from the top of the waterfall Aconcagua 6962m Adán y Eva Ride Over the Waterfall
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