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Long way home Jaz sob a Montanha Pipi Room Huayna Potosi Jornada Ruminahui, with Corazon and Atacazo behind Ice sculptures on Cotopaxi, with Cayambe behind Ice sculpture Antisana rises above a serac Antisana from Cotopaxi Photo stop on Cotopaxi Antisana and seracs Antisana rises above the clouds Tightening the crampons Edita and Estalin beside the ice sculptures of Cotopaxi Atacazo, Pichincha (back) and Pasochoa (front) Jose Rivas Refuge hides on the red slopes of Cotopaxi Arriving at the crater rim Cotopaxi from Tungurahua's crater rim The twin summits of Tungurahua Chimborazo seen across the crater High above the clouds Approaching the summit crater Figures arrive on the summit of Cotopaxi Figures on Cotopaxi with Pichincha on the horizon Ice stalactites Crevasses on Cotopaxi Shadow of Cotopaxi over the twin summits of Iliniza Iliniza from the summit of Cotopaxi Figures cross a glacier on Cotopaxi, with Pichincha on the horizon
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