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Crumbling Bridges (and the apathy that went with them)

Crumbling Bridges (and the apathy that went with them)

The Message via Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Website:

Hello - I am reporting an UNSAFE bridge overpass on the Gene Snyder Expressway. The bridge itself is crumbling and the concrete pillars are eroded. The steel has been bent and you can see light through the bridge pillars cracks. There is a train which travels under this bridge numerous times per day. The bridge does not have structural integrity any longer. There are red arrows now pointing to the area in the event there is trouble locating it. The bridge columns are located between Winchester Acres Rd and Crane Hardscaping on Old LaGrange Road, Louisville/Anchorage. Thankfully the grafitti was removed from this bridge recently - the cracks, damage and crumbling columns remain.

The response:
Good afternoon,
I spoke with our bridges supervisor and here is what she shared with me:

KYTC is aware of the concrete spalling and this will be corrected with the upcoming Gene Snyder widening as part of the I-Move KY project. (This is why you see the red arrows.) However, what is described does not affect the load rating of the bridge and it is still safe for interstate travel.

Thank you,
Stephanie Caros
Public Information Officer
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet-Louisville District 5

My response:
Hello Stephanie -

Thank you for responding and I am glad this is being addressed.

1. When is this widening scheduled to begin?

2. I painted the red arrows this morning so our neighbors can see their tax dollars at work.

I trust the individuals who'd performed this load rating work are qualified to make such a determination as we are looking at it from the ground up and see differently.

Have you personnally seen this particular overpass? Might be worth the drive. It's only 10 minutes from you on a Sunday morning.

Take Care,

The response:
Good morning Vicky,

The I-Move KY project is a multi-year project that is scheduled to begin next year and be complete by the end of 2023.

Here is a link for more info i-moveky.com/

I have seen the overpass you’re talking about. I actually drive in that area regularly. J

Have a good day!


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Photo taken @ O on 28 October 2019 (© EX22218 - ON/OFF / Flickr)

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