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the Isle 2019-03-29_14-52-24_ILCE-6500_DSC04410_DxO 20161230-C0009 1001 Nights 2 Coney Island Cyclone Peak 2009 Wien, durch Staub und Wolkenspreu Bay Beach Amusement Park in Winter 2016-12-10 Tiramisu snack Gavnø Slotspark 2005_12_31~004 DSC06263 2014-11-29 Spreepark, Berlin Sea World untitled-129.jpg untitled-030.jpg 34 Oh what a beautiful night for the poor world. Long live death and equality! Saw Coney Island for the first time, and came *this* close to understanding New Yorkers. the old teller Monorail Blue Playland Restaurant Carousel with Urban Cookies Born in Bedrock!  Dino rocks out on a guitar in front of Bedrock City to the south of the Grand Canyon - bedrock05x We Stare into the Same Night Sky Coney Island jen & odie CSU Sports Camp day at Elitch's, Denver, Colorado Reflections in a Pond
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