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An F-35B Lightning II prepares to land aboard USS Essex (LHD 2). A Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey is prepared for takeoff while aboard the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) An F-35B Lightning II takes off from USS Essex (LHD 2). An F-35B Lightning II s staged aboard USS Essex (LHD 2). 181122-N-XK398-1302 181120-N-XK398-1029 181120-N-XK398-1035 181120-N-XK398-1077 181120-N-XK398-1083 181120-N-XK398-1092 181120-N-XK398-1099 181120-N-XK398-1110 181122-N-XK398-1222 181122-N-XK398-1228 181122-N-XK398-1337 Sailors and Marines support to civil and local officials as part of the Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts 181119-N-XK398-1282 181118-N-XK398-1012 181118-N-XK398-1045 181119-N-XK398-1064 181119-N-XK398-1120 181119-N-XK398-1260 181119-N-XK398-1292 181118-N-XK398-1111 181117-N-XK398-1084 181118-N-XK398-1034 181118-N-XK398-1076 Sailors load supplies as they continue to support civil and local officials during Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts 181109-N-XK398-1020 181109-N-XK398-1028
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