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With heart cartoon remote control from TV device Citroën Traction Avant Love is in the air Les rencontres du territoire sur le thème L'amour CHURCH LIFE  photophone de lucborell 3 CHAISES  photophone de lucborell EVE IN HER GARDEN photophone de lucborell more love ... à la folie ... And paddle ... 37 Zimbra @ Arcos do Valongo 38 Zimbra @ Arcos do Valongo PERSPECTIVE photophone de lucborell Où l'on sème l'amour croît la joie Metro Schuman - Love is in the Air My Best By Gokhan Altintas Photography The Hills Have Eyes result of my handwork ;-) IMG_2307 - Lumière, Amour, Vie Pour toujours amour IMG_2289 - Courage, Amour, Fureur IMG_2296 - Amour, Rêve, Rythme Cadenas sur le parvis du Sacre-Coeur. Montmartre. Paris.
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