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DSC01445.jpg Night at Pacific Seas - Downtown, Los Angeles Hong Kong View from the High Line - Manhattan, NYC The Whiskey Ring - on Cherokee Street - St. Louis, MO 2015-07-25 13.59.43-1.jpg Chinatown - San Francisco, California Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park - California Vintage Range Rover - West Hollywood, California The Midnight Show at The Slipper Room -  Lower East Side, NYC Julianne Moore / John Hardy Ad - Chinatown, NYC Morning in SoHo - NYC Chora, Andros, Greece Old City - Dubrovnik, Croatia Hvar, Croatia Sign Pointing to Split - Zvogoschia, Croatia Aerial View of California Mountains from American Airlines Flight - USA Seagull & Fire Hydrant -  Santa Barbara, California Shintori Japanese Restaurant - French Concession, Shanghai Shanghai, China DSC00099.jpg Along the Li River - Guilin Province, China View from the High Line - Manhattan, NYC Montreal, Canada DSC03097.jpg San Francisco, California Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset - San Francisco, CA Painters in Tamarindo - Costa Rica Saugatuck Reservoir - Connecticut Yellow Truck with Pitbull Cartoon Graffiti - Hell's Kitchen, NYC
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