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Alaska Army National Guard Command Sgt. Maj. Meehan participates in cold water immersion training Alaska National Guard Alaska Army Guardsmen rehearse medical evacuation procedures with U.S. Army Alaska paratroopers 191022-Z-ZY202-1020 An aircrew practices fire suppression support training using a Bambi water bucket in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter 191022-Z-ZY202-1011 191022-Z-ZY202-1012 191022-Z-ZY202-1013 191022-Z-ZY202-1014 191022-Z-ZY202-1015 191022-Z-ZY202-1016 191022-Z-ZY202-1017 191022-Z-ZY202-1018 191022-Z-ZY202-1019 191022-Z-ZY202-1021 191022-Z-ZY202-1022 191022-Z-ZY202-1023 191022-Z-ZY202-1024 191022-Z-ZY202-1025 191022-Z-ZY202-1026 191022-Z-ZY202-1027 191022-Z-ZY202-1028 191022-Z-ZY202-1029 191022-Z-ZY202-1030 191022-Z-ZY202-1008 191022-Z-ZY202-1009 191022-Z-ZY202-1010 Alaska Army National Guard medics receive an Airman with a simulated injury during Polar Force 20-1 Alaska National Guard Alaska National Guard
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