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Not a good photo: Sequoyah Caves barn

Not a good photo: Sequoyah Caves barn

By now, the regular viewers of my photostream are probably bored with how I've posted a bunch of times that Sequoyah Caverns is closing after TODAY. Labor Day 2013. If you need to read about that, look here:

This is obviously not a good photo. However, I am uploading it to document it's existence. If you could see it, it would read on the roof SEQUOYAH on the top and CAVES underneath it. Then on a lower section UNDER SAND MT. When this barn was painted, there must not have been enough room to paint "Caverns" across the top.

I looked up this barn on Google map street view before making the drive here. I suppose I made the mistake of coming here when the corn was at it's tallest. Without shoulders on this street where I could park, I turned into a side street not far away, where even more overgrowth was in the way. This is located along US11 at the northern end of Etowah County, just a couple of miles from the DeKalb County line. Next time, I'll get a better picture.

I found a vintage photo of this barn where another cave I'd never heard of (Manitou Cave near Ft. Payne) had also nailed a sign onto this barn.

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Photo taken on 16 August 2013 (© SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent) / Flickr)

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