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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Painting a flag Transair Boeing 737-200F; N809TA@HNL;11.09.2019 Tante Ju Dassault Mirage F1 BQ Saluting Photographer Appreciation Month by recognizing those who go to great heights to get a shot (LOC) North American T-6 Texan War Thunder / Summer Feeling (Alt) NASM tour Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321-271N; N215HA@HNL;15.09.2019 Miami Skyline Miami Executive Airport China Airlines Airbus A350-900; B-18915@HNL;15.09.2019 United Airlines Boeing 757-300; N56859@HNL;15.09.2019 ANA Airbus A380-841; JA381A@HNL;15.09.2019 You will never see it or hear it coming B2 Soaring NAC - Northern Air Cargo Boeing 737-300F; N360WA@HNL;11.09.2019 Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-51; N699HA@HNL;11.09.2019 ATI Boeing 757-2G5F; N752CX@HNL;11.09.2019 JetStar Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner; VH-VKL@HNL;11.09.2019 ANA Airbus A380-841; JA382A@HNL;10.09.2019 ANA Airbus A380-841; JA381A@HNL;10.09.2019 Transair Boeing 737-200F; N737CS@HNL:10.09.2019 NH90 Piper L-4 Boeing Stearman Kaydet Tigre Beechcraft T-34A Mentor 747 Party
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