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180210-F-AL508-0134 180703-F-PM645-1892 181213-F-GA541-0415 181213-F-GA541-0415 Japan Air Self-Defense Airmen await the greenlight to airdrop two bundles during Operation Christmas Drop 2018 Royal Australian Airmen prepare a bundle to be airdropped to the atoll of Kapingamarangi during OCD 181208-F-AL508-1222 181210-F-EZ530-0280 181208-Z-NI803-0300 Islanders carry a box of humanitarian supplies from the air-drop site to their village center during OCD Operation Christmas Drop on Fais Island, Federated States of Micronesia 181206-F-GA541-0131 Santa's Helpers Make First Christmas Drop of 2018 181102-Z-CD688-091 An airman communicates via radio during the refueling process at Operation Christmas Drop 181208-Z-NI803-0016 181208-Z-NI803-0155 181208-Z-NI803-0195 181208-Z-NI803-0208 181208-Z-NI803-0226 181208-Z-NI803-0300 181102-Z-CD688-003 181102-Z-CD688-023 181102-Z-CD688-028 181102-Z-CD688-038 181102-Z-CD688-041 181102-Z-CD688-048 181102-Z-CD688-085 181102-Z-CD688-098 181102-Z-CD688-107
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