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Connecticut National Guard Connecticut National Guard Connecticut National Guard Connecticut National Guard Royal New Zealand Air Forceloadmasters cut free supplies above a Micronesian island A U.S. Air Force C-130J Super Hercules delivers five humanitarian aid bundles as part of OCD 2019 U.S. Airmen participate in Operation Christmas Drop 2019 at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam An Airman cuts free a Low-Cost, Low-Altitude practice bundle A C-130J Super Hercules drops a Low-Cost, Low-Altitude bundle as part of Operation Christmas Drop 2019 190718-F-ZD147-0470 Delaware National Guard 190521-F-SU156-0988 190403-F-QE524-016 LOOKING AT A C-17 STARTING TO TURN AROUND WITH FLAPS DOWN 190327-F-OH871-0756 190312-F-PB217-1150 180210-F-AL508-0134 180703-F-PM645-1892 Aircrew prepare a Low-Cost,Low-Altitude bundle on board their C-130H Hercules as part of OCD 2019 190917-F-KA253-0242 190927-F-NG306-1010 191106-F-F3710-0284 A C-17 MAKING A SMOKING TOUCH ON TRAVIS AFB RUNWAY 400mm Look at The Nose of A C-17 on Final C-17 Starting A Nice Break With Beacon A Travis AFB C-17 With Beacon On A TRAVIS AFB C-17 MAKING A TIGHT TURN IN MONOCHROME UNDERBELLY OF A C-17 WITH THE BEACON FLASHING BEE-LINER C-17 MAKING A PHOTO PASS C-17 Demo Team Slicing Thru the Lens Flare
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