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A C-17 MAKING A SMOKING TOUCH ON TRAVIS AFB RUNWAY 190425-F-ZK766-0192 190417-F-KU465-1001 400mm Look at The Nose of A C-17 on Final C-17 Starting A Nice Break With Beacon A Travis AFB C-17 With Beacon On LOOKING AT A C-17 STARTING TO TURN AROUND WITH FLAPS DOWN A TRAVIS AFB C-17 MAKING A TIGHT TURN IN MONOCHROME UNDERBELLY OF A C-17 WITH THE BEACON FLASHING BEE-LINER C-17 MAKING A PHOTO PASS C-17 Demo Team Slicing Thru the Lens Flare 181208-F-AL508-1222 Static Raptor With Gold Under the Arctic Thunder Skies 477th Fighter Group F-22A Raptor 190403-F-QE524-016 KC-135R 60-0331, Travis AFB (2) KC-135R 60-0331, Travis AFB (3) KC-135R 60-0331, Travis AFB (1) 190221-F-KA253-0363 180210-F-AL508-0134 A F-22 and 2 1000 lb J-DAMs GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, F-22 and E-3 Sentry All on Display Fill'er up 160812-Z-AL508-039 160713-F-AU127-0584 160812-Z-AL508-039 160318-F-JB957-000 160318-F-JB957-999 ofam 150817-F-BO262-601
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