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Adigrat Street

Cafe Waitress

Saware Girl

Hamar Tribe

Dassanech Tribe

Hamar Tribe

Konso Village

Mursi Tribe

Little Hamar Girl

Wollayta Boy

Wollayta Woman

Feet Wash

Togo - with the blacksmith of Kabye

Leaving Church

Stone Stelae of Axum

Belinda in Lalibela

Togo - Taberma weekly market

Fulani man and Kumasi street vendors

Bamako Portrait

At the Queen Mother's funeral - the drummer waits

At the Queen Mother's funeral

Girls at the market

Aniausse ritual

Aniausse woman

A man and his harvest

Korhogo scene

Banna Woman

Kumasi afternoon - bread vendor

Bouake bridge

Water and a rose

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