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Le soleil se lève en Afrique

Black-lored Babblers

Adigrat Street

Cafe Waitress

Saware Girl

Hamar Tribe

Konso Village

Mursi Tribe

Tsemay Tribe Pottery

Wollayta Boy

Chat perché !

Wollayta Woman

Feet Wash

Togo - Taberma weekly market - barter is the tradition

Togo - Taberma weekly market

Kumasi breadseller

Bamako Portrait

At the funeral - clan symbols

Boys at Bante

Children at Bante, Benin, near the border with Togo.

Aniausse woman

Bouake bridge

Korhogo scene

Community Plowing

Buying a Necklace

Konso Generation Totem

At the Queen Mother's funeral

At the Queen Mother's funeral

At the funeral - faces

Water and a rose

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