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At the market At the market - manioc / cassava At the market - organised display At the market - organised display Morning in Man - the hills Morning in Man - the hills Morning in Man - coffee Generation's Totem, Konso Some Water Morning in Man - the shop Morning in Man - the bowls The shoes of Man Lalibela boy Ceremonial Drum Lalibela Woman Morning near Glazoue At EKPA divination school The well North of Abomey - bread and sauce vendor A Priest in a Cave Tigray Woman North of Abomey - taximotos and vendors By the cotton trucks Walking by the cotton Benin road Dreaming by the railroad tracks Morning outside Man - boys, bottles and bike Morning outside Man - roadside Benin roadside Container transport
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 africa, portrait, desert, children, enfant, travel, child, sand, femme, maroc
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