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The Black-cheeked lovebird is one of the nine species from the Genus AGAPORNIS and was discovered by Dr.A.H.B.Kirkmaí in 1904 The first specimens reached Europe some three years later.

The existing ranges of the Black-cheeked are small areas of Zambia, Namibia, and parts of Zimbabwe It has the smallest range of all the nine species with the exception to the Black- collared which is the least known of the genus.

Surveys of the wild population of Black-cheeked indicate that it is Africa's most endangered parrot the initial decline of this species is believed to have taken place in the 1920 / 1930's by heavy trapping for the bird trade.

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Photo prise le 1 août 2017 (© Steve Wilson - over 9 million views Thanks !! / Flickr)

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