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YM22031 (ambulance) (12.08.14)_Balancer

YM22031 (ambulance) (12.08.14)_Balancer

Model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI (BM 903)
VIN: WDB9036621R940380
1. Registration: 2006-12-21
Company: Falck (DK)
Fleet No.: 3-07/3218
Nickname: -
License plates: YM22031 (dec. 2006-oct. 2014)
Previous reg.: n/a
Later reg.: n/a
Retirement age: 7 y 10 mo
Photo location: Harald Jensens Plads, Aarhus, DK

The strange fleet numbers of ambulances and other rescue vehicles refer to their home bases - 3-07 was (is) the Randers station. If a vehicle was transfered from one station to another, this prefix would change accordingly, while the main 4-digit number remained as it was.

Recently the prefix system has been phased out, so on new vehicles, there's only a 4-digit fleet number.

This ambulance was retired in 2014, and according to the danish vehicle registry, nothing has happened since then... but this may very well belie the truth: upon retirement, it is forbidden by law to resell ambulances for further domestic use - they can ONLY be sold for export and they have been known to turn up in all corners of the world - very frequently in middle east warzones. Rules require the operator-logos to be removed before export, but apart from that, they often continue working in exactly the same livery as in Denmark.

Tip: to locate trucks of particular interest to you, check my collections page, "truck collection" - here you will find all trucks organized in albums, by haulier (with zip-codes), year, brand and country.

Retirement age for trucks: many used trucks are offered for sale on international markets. If sold to a foreign buyer, this will not be listed in the danish motor registry, so a "retired" truck may or may not have been exported. In other words, the "retirement age" only shows the age, at which the truck stopped running on danish license plates.

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Photo taken @ on 14 August 2012 (© Lav Ulv / Flickr)

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