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Wakhan, Tajikistan 180321-D-PB383-005 161207-D-PB383-023 161207-D-PB383-051 161207-D-PB383-057 Operation New Hope clears insurgent stronghold 180907-D-PB383-017 180626-D-SV709-0154 Welcome Home! OFWMP Construction of water supply network 170424-D-GO396-0119 150804-N-SQ656-586 150804-N-SQ656-082 150704-N-SQ656-887 Record number of ballot boxes audited in a single day 12th CAB Mission Rehearsal In Memory Of Those Who Served America In Peace And War Well in Afghanistan sangin3 A soldier prepares to leave an aircraft new landing zone Students protesting US wars and military drone attacks Protest against US wars and military drones 9/11 MEMORIAL CEREMONY AT HQ ISAF, KABUL, AFGHANISTAN Laat niet als dank voor het aangenaam verpozen..................................... One of our fallen heroes, Spc. Sean Walsh is laid to rest 29th ID Soldiers return to Virginia after duty in Afghanistan 110929-F-QG390-029 Creating Wii Avatars
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