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Palacio Barolo From 1923 In Tribute Of Dante's Divine Comedy Of 100 Meters Matching Number Of Songs With 22 Floors As Stanzas

Lac Assal, Djibouti

Salt caravan, Lac Assal, Djibouti

Black volcanic in Danakil



from afar

AFAR at Jazz at Lincoln Center

AFAR at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Torley Lives - Video tutorials, FREE textures, Second Life musings, music… and more!

Tree ripples 2

Villa Fontana - 1

Carillon Afar

Great Rift Valley Escarpment

Dry river bed, Djibouti

No Name #6

Afar 173

Afar 140

Afar 141

Sun rising over the salt

A Land Rover left at the mining village on Dalol

Camels in line

0M above sea level

Camels being loaded in Mekelle


water tank


Qat on lips

Boy on bus to DD

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