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Woman by stacked eucalyptus

New Year's celebrations

I dream of the volcano

He leads his camel

Sleeping mats and camels return from the crater

Returning from Irta'Ale's caldera

Eruption and crust

Irta'Ale lava lake

My rock pile

Camel caravan at Hamadela

Salt caravan in the Danakil

Northern landscape with Afar settlement

The landscape of northern Ethiopia

Camel caravan at Hamadela

Berhale portrait

Tigray landscape with barrels


Landscape with Afar homes

The path

The stack

Mekele morning


The Kiosk

Green House II

Berhale midday

Camel caravan at Hamadela - the donkeys join in

Berhale store

Investment and industry

Afar boy


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