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Sunny Delight Memory Lane kids and drugs Ballona Creek west of Culver Bridge man and toy Great perspective on stonehenge on a cloudy day Resident Kite untouch lake surrounded by hills the sky is falling! clouds dipped in black paint Chrysler Afar IMG_8248 GR06 0083 Corinth Acropolis GR06 0068 Corinth Acropolis GR06 0054 Corinth Acropolis GR06 0040 Corinth Acropolis farmhouse and hips Lac Assal, Djibouti Salt caravan, Lac Assal, Djibouti Camel and driver Black volcanic in Danakil Red canyon, Danakil, Djibouti Great Rift Valley Escarpment afar boy Northview No Name #6 NoLa (6) IMG_2744 Camels & salt
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 africa, ethiopia, afrique, hornofafrica, ethiopie, portrait, djibouti, desert, people, woman
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