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Baldwin 2-8-0 locomotive at Camp Pullman, France 11-9-18 NARA111-SC-57992 Baldwin locomotive at Camp Pullman, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57928 Baldwin locomotive at Camp Pullman, La Rochelle, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57917 Baldwin locomotive front view at Camp Pullman France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57929 Baldwin locomotive in La Rochelle yards, France 10-29-18 NARA111-SC-57927 wreck in yards at Camp Pullman in La Rochelle, France 12-12-18 NARA111-SC-58197 Wrecked 030-062  Type C locomotive at Camp Pullman, La Rochelle, France 12-12-18 NARA111-SC-58198 AEF Train going over the 'hill' leaving La Rochelle, France 10-12-18 NARA111-SC-57828 Crowd watching departure of Pres. Wilson for England on the quay, Calais, France 12-31-1918 NARA111-SC-63503 rail yard at Liffol-le-Grand France 12-18-18 NARA111-SC-41276-ac Round house at Liffol-le-Grand Vosges, France 12-18'18 NARA111-SC-41275-ac Three locomotives ready for duty. Locomotive Assembling Plant. St. Nazaire, Loire Inferieure, France 11-19-17 NARA111-SC-67110 Steam fireless H K Porter locomotive built for Italians ca1918 NARA165-WW-281B-008 Tanks on Penn Ave. Washington DC 0-17-19 NARA111-SC-63875 Bath and Laundry unit of 1st Div,  Parade 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63873 370th Colored Inf. Croix de Guerre winners returning Hobloen 2-10-19 [WNU] NARA111-SC-64004 text 370th Colored Inf. Croix de Guerre winners returning Hoboken 2-10-19 [WNU] NARA111-SC-64004 Captured Austrian locomotive, Cormons, Italy 11-13-18 NARA111-SC-39117-ac Rail yards at Cormons, Italy 11-13-18 NARA111-SC-39118-ac Railroad station in Mondane, Italy 1919 NARA111-SC-64813 Pershing and 1st Div in front of the Capitol 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63890 women assigned to the 1st Div.  Wash DC  9-19 NARA111-SC-63901 women drivers of wounded 1st Div. Parade, Washington DC 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63859 Wounded soldiers 1st Div. parade Wash DC 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63886 1st Div Parade, Wash DC 9-19 NARA111-SC-63896 1st Div., Parade, Supply Train on Penn Ave, Wash DC 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63908 1st Inf. Brigade, 1st Div. passing Victory Arch, Wash DC 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63888 First American shot for this gun 6-10 AM Oct. 23, 1917 1st Div. Parade 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63842 Gen. Pershing  and color bearers, 1st Div. Washington DC 9-17-19 NARA111-SC-63885 Gen. Pershing leading the 1st Div. Parade, Wash DC 9-19 NARA 111-SC-63899
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