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Ricoh TLS-401 1952 Photos & Movie Blurb/Ad, 1956 Ads, Dent's for Toothaches, McConnell Airlines School Air Hostess, Shorthand, Learn Music 1966 Newspaper Food Ad, Kwik Chek & Lucky Bingo Cash Game 1966 Newspaper Ad, Mass Brothers Fashion & Cosmetics Sale 1973 Beauty Care Ad, Peel O Matique by Marengo, at Bonwit Teller's Illustrated 1973 Fashion Ad, Jane Colby Flared White Pants & Invicta by York Cotton Canvas Bags Illustrated 1973 Career Education Ad, Charron-Williams College CWC School Hasselblad 1970 Beseler Topcon Super D 1970 Nikkor lenses 1970 Even when you think you can't, you can with a Canon. 1970 1972 Adverts, Mood Cube, Smiley Face Pen Holder, Bank Bag, Suede Bag Illustrated 1966 Newspaper Ad, Bahama House Furniture Sale 1966 Newspaper Ad, Atlantic Gasoline Illustrated 1966 Newspaper Ad, Belk-Lindsey Fashion Sale Polaroid cameras 1970 Vivitar T-4 Lenses, 1970 Illustrated 1966 Newspaper Ad, A&P Grocery Food Sale 1966 Newspaper Ad, RCA Victor New Vista Color TV, Mac's Radio & TV Illustrated 1966 Newspaper Ad, W.T. Grants Fashion Sale Vivitar SL1 WIreles Slave for Electronic Flash 1970 I ♥ 'Mormon' 1973 Ad, Love Knot Fashion Jewelry 1973 Ad, Hawaii Holiday, Summer School at Punahou 1973 Ad, Lennox China & Crystal, Lovely Teen Girl Walking in Field 1973 Ad, Fashion Institute of America, Cute Blonde Teen, Fashion Merchandising Training Illustrated 1973 Ad, Lakeside College of Fashion, Fashion Merchandising, Lakeland, Florida 1973 Ad, Visalens Wetting Solution for Contact Lenses, by Visine Jacques Doucet Fashion House, illustration by Dresa, 1914
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