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Through the Glassroof 365_Day 312 Last Leaves 365_Day 306 Gingko 365_Day 258 Marathon 365_Day 226 Reflected 365_Day 220 She Got Painted Seeking solitude We will vote! 365_Day 273 Examining 365_Day 270 Dots 365_Day 245 Flamingos When your balcony yields but one rose 365_Day 191 Lights 365_Day 244 Lanterns 365_Day 185 Transplanted 365_Day 187 10pm 365_Day 200 Soft Light 365_Day 184 Empty 365_Day 186 Listening I’ve treasured every minute with Sam #fms_treasure Book, Brew, sausage sarnie (wolfed it) waiting at Euston #fms_aquietmoment HipstaPrint Oslo a golf friendly airport the urinals encourage careful putting The Myrtles Grace Episcopal Cemetery Meanwhile in Toxteth Cracker Baby steps :) #Hipstamatic #Oggl #Adler9009 #RockBW11 20130120_iPhone_0803 20130120_iPhone_0802
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