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Spotted Sunfish Noah The Spangled Bridge DSC_2839+web DSC_2661+web Pferd You Can't Go Back Out The Way You Came In Baum Harlingen Arts& Heritage Museum June 2019 Redbreast Sunfish Geist Edgar, The Dethroner Kind child Adafruit PyGamer Starter Kit Cat Katze Ambulancers ICAD 2019, Day 7 of 61 At The Beach, One Night Mutter - Liebe CHICKEN SURPRISE Singing to the Moon Maria Zaikina, Natalia, pencil, acrylic and oil on cardboard, 2019 Decklight Fragment Maria Zaikina, Selfportrait in pink shirt, pencil, pastel and oil on cardboard, 30×40 cm, 2019 Goldfish Fast Clown GUARDIAN OF PANDEMONIUM Lady Rule #4 mixed media collage on vintage postcard 5
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 painting, art, paint, canvas, blue, abstract, red, green, portrait, black
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