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The Neetzow Castle The Zarrenthiner gravel lake Berlin - Imressions of art Berlin - Imressions of art Pink Dress Through the city at the speed of light The toothpick of the city Wer? DER! As John F. Kennedy said in 1963, I’m a Berliner! Weathered beauty Wasserzeichnung Dimensions Silver Stripe Shadow Warrior on Palisade Gurten, Fog Berlin - Imressions of art Blue Moon The gull jonathan Blurry Base Blurry Basement Just Bricks Up or down? Former Plate's Place Bricks and Window Ledge Bricks and Downpipe II Strange Shadow awakening Blurry Bricks – Faded Tag Fork in the Oven Black Tiles and Remains Peeking Symbol
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 abstract, light, blau, blue, rot, licht, red, architektur, art, schwarz
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