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Junonia divaricata aberration P1320154 Junonia divaricata aberration P1320165 Junonia divaricata aberration P1320173 Fall into Winter - Equinox to Solstice #90 - The End of Autumn Augury Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus ab. arete (Muller 1764)) Water distortion Against the sky. Bird's silhouette Against the sea. Bird's silhouette Шашечница тривия / Melitaea trivia / Lesser Spotted Fritillary / Bräunlicher Scheckenfalter The sunset path fences Waiting for the people Small Copper aberration Aberración en el río Turbio Komorebi Polyommatus icarus Orange time [Explored] Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus ab. nov) The Moon (green filter) An ox with an extra limb DSC02555x P1290543 Fountainea ryphea, Blue-barred Leafwing, aberration P1290547 Fountainea ryphea, Blue-barred Leafwing, aberration Ford for the people Workers walking Sunset boulevard Espresso from the top Overly staring worker Hands of power
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 chromatic, nikon, canon, blue, daisy, light, flowers, lens, abstract
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