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Homemade berries crumble in a baking dish on a wooden table Fruits and oats for breakfast at home - bananas, mandarines and grapes Salad with walnuts, tomatoes, ewes cheese  and radish Low carb alternative - Zucchini Noodles in a pan on the stove Several raw cod fishes in a tray with crushed ice - fresh fish Spring rolls on a small plate with sweet and chilli sauce and sticks 20191021_Rheinkreuzfahrt 20191020_Rheinkreuzfahrt_001 20191020_Rheinkreuzfahrt_002 Top view salad with fresh vegetables and feta cheese on white wooden background (Flip 2019) Bienen-Honigwabe und Honig auf einem weißen Teller Diät-Salat mit Radieschen und Salat auf weißem Holzhintergrund - Die Ansicht von oben Plate with fresh salad with cucumber, radish and dill with yogurt sauce (Flip 2019) Fresh salad with lettuce and radishes on a white plate (Flip 2019) Close - up of lettuce and radish salad (Flip 2019) Autumn thanksgiving background with pumpkins and baked chicken Sliced meat marinated with spices in a plastic container for barbecue A piece of fried smoked bacon on a fork closeup Bacon fried slices in plate, top view on white wooden table Close-up of fried bacon slices on a white plate Close - up of sushi rainbow dragon on a green leaf on a black background Close-up of asparagus and broccoli with pieces of fish on a white plate Tuna with asparagus and broccoli on a white plate. Top view Chopsticks on black background and white plate with tuna slices and vegetables 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_004 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_005 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_006 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_007 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_008 20191018_Rheinkreuzfahrt_009
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