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Sargans SBB - IR 13

Sargans SBB - IR 13

The IR 13 to St. Gallen on platform 7 towards Chur. An unusual situation. A track damage in Trübbach compelled the IR 13 to go from Buchs to Sargans via the loop. There it stood turned back to front for the onward journey to Chur. Because the trip over the loop takes a minute longer and changing the driver's cab also takes time, the train was kept in Sargans and went back over the loop as here in the photo. The passengers had to take the S-Bahn to go on to Chur. Towards St. Gallen some people took a seat by habit in the wrong direction, and then it seemed like they were traveling in the wrong direction. But they took it calmly. Switzerland, Feb 20, 2020.

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Photo taken @ S on 20 February 2020 (© Kecko / Flickr)

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