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Japanese Soldiers transit to USS Germantown in an assault amphibious vehicle for exercise KAMANDAG 3 191009-N-QD718-1070 191009-N-QD718-1111 191009-N-QD718-1030 191009-N-QD718-1170 U.S. Marines and Sailors and members of the MAF conduct an amphibious assault during exercise Assault amphibious vehicles transit the Celebes Sea after departing the amphibious transport dock ship USS Green Bay U.S., & Malaysian members gather for a group photo after storming a beach during Tiger Strike 2019 191002-N-DX072-1347 U.S. Marines conduct ship-to-shore movements in AAVs  before the start of exercise Tiger Strike 19 U.S. & service members of the Malaysian Armed Forces stand united before the start of exercise Tiger Strike 190930-N-DX072-1123 U.S. Marines conduct a walk through of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361 U.S. and Philippine marines conduct amphibious training. Marines drive a Philippine assault amphibious vehicle during an AAV subject matter expert exchange U.S. Marines, Sailors and Royal Thai Navy Sailors gather following a showing of amphibious assault vehicles 190718-N-DX072-1153 190718-N-DX072-1163 190718-N-DX072-1169 190718-N-DX072-1185 190718-N-DX072-1214 190718-N-DX072-1222 190718-N-DX072-1259 190722-N-DX072-1005 190722-N-DX072-1007 190722-N-DX072-1011 190722-N-DX072-1018 190722-N-DX072-1027 190722-N-DX072-1032 U.S. Marines conduct assault amphibious vehicle crew-served weapons training on Camp Hansen
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