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180910-N-YJ378-0041 MARFORRES at Northern Strike 2018 MARFORRES at Northern Strike 2018 MARFORRES at Northern Strike 2018 Watchdog 06.12.99 Mensiken-Burg WSB Be4/4 25 Mine-Clearing Line Charge Clears the Way for Amphibious Operations Camp Pendleton Landing, variant Bilateral exercise Dawn Blitz 2017 Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class 170405-N-BK384-143 161031-N-JH293-100 161031-N-JH293-189 161030-N-JH293-059 Philippine Marine Corps Commandant Provides Opening Remarks at PHIBLEX 33 Rear Adm. tours an amphibious assault vehicle in the well deck of USS Germantown. 131205-N-TQ272-0420 160310-N-KB426-114 180722-N-VR594-1081 180722-N-VR594-1575 073117-Z-DD237-002 PSVC Trip TargetTravel 170405-N-BK384-136 Royal Thai, Republic of Korea, and U.S. Marine Corps Demonstrate Amphibious Capability at Cobra Gold 161028-N-BB269-137 161022-N-GZ228-066 160819-N-TI017-141 Marines maneuver amphibious assault vehicles in the waters around USS Germantown. Harpers Ferry Amphibious Operations 160521-N-RC734-092
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