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Dinner is served

Autumnal landscape with brook in Mühlau near Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany

*NAMINOKE*Black Bride bouquet.


Queen of my life

Howling at the sun ...

“I feel the darkness near me; I feel the light shining. And more keenly I feel the contrast between the two.” ― Anne Rice, The Witching Hour

THIS IS WRONG Arcane tattoo - exclusive for Suicide Dollz

[f r e a k. l i k e. m e ]


Tempesta al tramonto

A world upside down

Pau al cor

Pond Reflection

Panorama Herbst Landschaft mit Wolken | 18. Oktober 2019 | Ruhwinkel - Schleswig-Holstein - Deutschland


Hamamelis virginiana

Le pont du quartier Ourdie

Le paradis


Soir à Banyuls

River Tern in flight


Templo Senso-Ji

Hotel Ghosts #10

male about to fly - 1 of 3 Monarchs headed to Mexico yesterday!

Monarch chrysalis - in the past hour

Sunrise over the Indian River

Husumer Au

Dubrovnik seaward side

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