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Arras Otherwise / Arras Autrement #12 Autumn Birch Leaf Bark Arisaig Jaune an autumn night's dream European Earwig Venetian paths 122(Accademia) 100 DM Bed & Breakfast In Trumansburg, NY Punch Card Tower Cormorant Fisherman Carpet of Leaves Mountain Waves a beautiful mess a beautiful day Arras Otherwise / Arras Autrement #11 Expirience the art Winter Has Arrived My grandson Jaxon enjoying the same Borth beach as I did when his age on his second birthday 13.11.18 In-Between cult Dear autumn... Estérençuby (64) Satin blouse under jacket Black Dragon Portrait with Post DSC_5002_edit Viele viele bunte Schokolinsen Vineyard