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Belle Epoque v2 industrial SHOAH. The Myrafälle Vattuniemi - Helsinki, Finland - Seascape photography Coptic Ethiopian monk at the Holy Sepulcher Basilica in the old town of Jerusalem, Israel. Carina Nebula - Serpentine, Western Australia Under the Bridge Strahlenkranz Hochvogel Late afternoon sun, Istanbul Planet Yuri Industrial buildings Tulip pistil and stamen Keep up or GTFO Red-billed blue magpie. Kieferbach in winter with cloud covered Kaiser mountains in Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany River Inn in winter passing Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany multi-level Nashville traffic Möbius Arch in The Morning. Along with Nipple Rock in the centre. Amanecer @ Mirador del Cedro Aube III Aube II Aube I Mi Niña 20190118_Tunnel The Port, the Island, the Forth Fast Food In Cyberspace!!! In the Clouds Marseille La Madrague The eagle has landed