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the Lusthaus 67160027 (1) Tail fluke murmuration Club de Pescadores Costanera Norte Buenos Aires  Argentina Declarado Monumento Histórico Nacional Merci beaucoup :-) The World Around Me Meadow Pipit Smoke sauna Plush Una Nuez Monstruo Sunset from Minsmere DSC_4999_edit Automne en or from another time and place Red-shouldered Hawk Looking for Chicken We are nothing but space dust trying to find its way back to the stars... Morning Light Falaise du Lot IMG_8959.jpg Untitled upside down Deviation - Umleitung A Gentle Touch Today's Cat@2018-11-17 View of Pendling mountain and river Inn valley from Thierberg chapel near Kufstein in Tyrol, Austria A Recollection AUTUMN WALK 2018 11 Nov 17 Seawall Walk IR 01a 3s hh DSC_1581_2_3_Enhancer