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Terre de Lecumberry et son arc en ciel Ochtend Still shy – even though settled in the UK by now… Reflection of leaves on ice...!!! Light Reading Im Wald Im Wald juste queques roseaux..... En visite dans la Venise du Nord Colorful houses in the old village known as Sa Costa adorn the hillside below the medieval castle, Castello di Serravalle in the town of Bosa, founded in 1112 along the Temo River on the west coast of Sardinia, Italy Stagecoach ADL Enviro 400 (Scania N230UD) 15939 YN63 BYF Thanks for the Group Cover Reflections sur la table Orange Twilight Dolmens et Menhirs en forêt alsacienne Contrejour sur un carrelet, Port-Maran, baie de Talmont, Saintonge, Charente-Maritime,  Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Castle Kornberg Something cosmic. Día de la transhumancia, Madrid. (papel) Berlin D Railpool 151 109-6 Thüngersheim  06-11-2018 It's all so quiet It's Over.............. A bridge of love. Flor..... Everyone do the thing? First light reflection. Mamelles de Beaune 2001
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