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Nothing to do Sky's Eye Because every picture tells a story.... ƝƠƦƬӇЄƦƝ ƔƛԼƘƳƦƖЄ - ƖƝ ƬӇƠƲƓӇƬ 01-20-19-0044852 Tonight's Pre Eclipse Moon from Sussex 6Q3A0102 Lunch Digital Oil Pastel Drawing of a View of San Giorgio Maggiore by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. 3/52 and daily 2019 jan 20 sun - milou’s pawdecure One Powerful Machine 20190120_Sunrise over Knowle Park P1203069 Xobre Bench by the forest lake in winter sunshine Male Anhinga delivering a new twig to the nest OOTD Auf dem Dolmar Auf dem Dolmar Full Moon / Vollmond Auf dem Dolmar Auf dem Dolmar Dungeness Fishing Agnieszka 34 mysterious light Mon pote Withered Flower Leaf in Frozen Grass XOKA4839s Sonnenuntergang am See Secret Fishing Hole at Dusk
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