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WBEZ 91.5 1961 Lotus 18 915 1961 Lotus 18 915 dressed bodhisattva Election poster in neighborhood, summer 1989 Souvenir shopping in earnest fixed menu at restaurant for group celebration Name decals mark religious visit Ceremony of ground-breaking (Shinto's jichin-sai) Looking north from Sabae city toward the capital, Fukui Transplanting rice, filling seedling gaps by hand Junior high#1 annual field day, Takefu city, Fukui-ken adult sprinting event, kids look on Taiko drumming performance far from the city center For good grades and intellectual excellence, Tenman-gu former Tachibana branch of Fukui Bank in Takefu (Echizen city) Statue honoring founder of early womens college Row houses (naga-ya) in Takefu (Echizen city) Early Western-styled building in Takefu (Echizen city) Commercial street downtown Takefu near the Ebisu-dori Shop front along the commercial street in Takefu Transplanting rice seedlings mechanically, 2-wheeled tug Formal tea service at park outside the city center Traditional farm house of 100 or more years ago, the Taniguchi House Museum permanent display of WWII-era from local men Permanent displays at Fukui prefectural museum Memorial ceremony 9/1994 at Ryusen-ji in Takefu OO-SFB_A333_Eurowings_opb Brussels Airlines FL915 South Sign - Sunshower Looking west over Takefu city center (today's Echizen-shi)
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