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Sailors load an AGM-114 Hellfire missile onto an MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter. USS Jason Dunham fires its Mark 45 5-inch gun during a gunnery exercise. USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) prepares for flight operations. USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109) is underway with the Egyptian navy frigate El Zafer (F951) during a passing exercise. 180315-D-SV709-0061 us navy ship image 180101-N-GC965-343 171229-N-ZS023-030 171229-N-OH628- 171229-N-OH628- 171212-N-BK384-033 171218-N-UD930-008 171226-N-BK384-048 Sailors load forward closed-in weapons system to prepare for a live-fire exercise during deployment on the USS America 171215-N-ZS023-035 171205-N-HT134-043 180118-N-DA434-011 180106-N-ZS023-016 171128-N-HT134-075 171228-N-DA434-017 171229-N-ZS023-019 171228-N-ZS023-078 171228-N-ZS023-077 171219-N-BK384-011 171220-N-ZS023-071 171220-N-ZS023-068 171209-N-HT134-013 171208-N-ZS023-026 171207-N-ZS023-053 171205-N-ZS023-024
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