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Summer Snowflake - Leucojum aestivum - ACT - Austalia - 20160830 @ 12:31

Summer Snowflake - Leucojum aestivum - ACT - Austalia - 20160830 @ 12:31

There is a sense of tenderness and humility in these small flowers - difficult to say exactly why - perhaps it is the white coloring and the downward facing habit. Their appearance in gardens signals that the worst of the winter weather has passed and that it will soon be springtime.

N.B., Identification of these flowers was kindly supplied by Stephen Hopkins - see comments.

[ Location - Braddon, Australian Capital Territory, Australia ]

Photography notes ...
The photograph was taken using the following hardware configuration ...
(Year of manufacture indicated in braces where known.)
- Hasselblad 500C/M body (1994).
- Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Back for Hasselblad V mount camera.
- Hasselblad Focusing Screen for the CFV-50c digital back, with focussing prism and crop markings.
- Hasselblad 45 Degree Viewfinder PME-45 42297 (2001).
- Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens - Planar T* 80mm f2.8 CFE (2000).
- FotodioX B60 Lens Hood for Select Hasselblad Standard Length CF Lenses.
- Hasselblad Extension Tube 56E (56mm) for 200 and 500 Series - MFR # 30 40656.

I acquired the photograph (8272 x 6200 pixels) with an ISO of 800, exposure time of 1/500 seconds, and aperture of f/11.0

Post-processing ...
Finder - Removed the CF card from the camera digital back and placed it in a Lexar 25-in-1 USB card reader. Then used Finder on my MacBook Air to download the raw image file (3FR extension) from the card.
Lightroom - Imported the 3FR image.
Lightroom - Used the Map module to add the location details to the EXIF header.
Lightroom - Applied various basic lighting and color adjustments in the Develop module.
Lightroom - Saved the Develop module settings as preset 20160911-001.
Lightroom - Applied a square (1:1 aspect ratio) crop.
Lightroom - Saved the result as preset 20160911-002.
Lightroom - Output the image as a JPEG image using the "Maximum" quality option (6200 x 6200 pixels).
PhotoSync - Copied the JPEG file to my iPad Mini for any final processing, review, enjoyment, and posting to social media.

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Photo taken on 30 August 2016 (© MomentsForZen / Flickr)

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